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Mushroom Softech expertise in web based ERP solutions which work Offline (on intranet) without internet connection or Online (with internet).

Online (with internet) means web based, the application and database will be hosted on web server for global access but clients need computer systems (client nodes) with internet connectivity with Chrome or Internet Explorer 9.0 or above. The application will work on Wide Area Network (WAN) which can be accessed from anywhere around the globe. Moreover, whenever in future, you need to go online from offline, the same application can be hosted on web server as it is, for use through Internet from anywhere around the globe or vice-versa without loosing the data.

Offline (Intranet) means, the client needs a windows server with IIS and required number of client nodes with windows operating system with Chrome or Internet Explorer 9.0 or above. So there is no need of Internet connectivity in this case. The application will work only on Local Area Network (LAN) but can not be accessed from outside by the users.

System Requirements for Intranet (LAN) or web server:

  1. Windows environment with IIS7 on server (Supported by Windows server 2012 or above, 32 bit Windows7 ultimate SP1).

  2. Microsoft windows environment with Internet Explorer 9.0 or above on client nodes.

  3. Download Windows Dot Net framework 4.0

  4. Download Microsoft MSSQL Server 2012 Management Studio(706MB)

  5. Download Crystal Report Viewer(71.1MB)

  6. Server HDD# and Motherboard# should not be blocked for security or any other reason.

  7. Follow this installation process

We strongly advise you to register your copy of the applications that you download from above links where ever required. The links provided above are only for your convenience. Mushroom Softech is neither responsible for licensing of the above software/resources nor having any distribution agreement with the providers or manufacturers and/or distributors of above software/resources.

When & why  Internet connectivity is required:
Hosting of software on Mushroom's web server is required for implementation in the beginning so that we can work from our end without moving to the client site and feed Masters (the basic information given by the institution) into the system. This helps all of us to read from the same page without time delay for best performance keeping the costs effective. Online assistance can be provided remotely through internet for deployment on (LAN) local server through remote desktop sharing after the client has setup the server as stated above and implementation is completed. Thereafter, Internet will be required only for remote servicing or maintenance whenever needed.

Process of implementation:
1. Once we get the confirmed order with scheduled payment, we start the process of uploading the application with blank database on our web server which takes maximum 2 days including necessary tests.
2. Once we finish uploading, the process of implementation begins which takes around 5-7 days depending on the number of courses offered and how fast the client provides required information in respect of the institution for feeding in the Masters.

3. Training is provided online during the free hosting and maintenance period. In case you opt for deployment on your local server from day one, the training will be given online on the demo application already running online.

Concurrent users & Perpetual license:
Concurrent Users means you can create unlimited number of users with different rights under one institute in every option but limited number of users will be allowed to login simultaneously.  For example, if 5 concurrent users' option is chosen, maximum 5 users of that particular institute will be able to login simultaneously, 6th person will have to wait till one of the 5 already logged in, logs out. So if the student, employee strength and/or number of courses, centers/shifts  is large in an institute, an adequate/higher number of concurrent users' option should be chosen so that the working is not hampered at peak hours.
5. Any number of user's can be added any time as per the option selected and paid for.
6. Perpetual license: Every users' option come with a perpetual license agreement by default which is free of license renewal cost year by year for life.

7. After implementation, the compiled application with implemented database will/can be delivered with your institute/company banner on it and support is extended remotely to install at the intranet server (LAN) through remote desktop sharing or other available remote access applications. Since, the compilation of updated version takes time, we need your request for delivery of software at least 30 days in advance. However, no free support shall be extended if the maintenance period has expired and Mushroom Softech shall not be responsible for installation and perfect running of the system on client's server.

8.Though the visits are not required but if you prefer our technicians to visit your institution for Installation, Implementation and/or training, the cost will be on client's account.

9. All future services/additions/customizations/subscriptions will attract applicable taxes over and above the prices listed/quoted.

Payments & Remittance:
9. Payments upto US$500 can be remitted to through or
Bank details for payments more than or above US$500 are:

For economical and faster bank to bank fund transfer please use one of the following routes:

For USD:
Pay to Bank of India, New York ABA026005458 SWIFT (BKIDUS33) for credit to A/c No. 0003325000 of BKIDINBBTRY for further credit to BKIDINBBDOS for final beneficiary MUSHROOM SOFTECH PRIVATE LIMITED A/c No. 605820110000951

 For GBP:
Pay to Bank of India, London Branch SWIFT (BKIDGB2L) sort code 609390 for credit to A/c No. 0110100010201 of BKIDINBBTRY for further credit to BKIDINBBDOS for final beneficiary MUSHROOM SOFTECH PRIVATE LIMITED A/c No. 605820110000951

 For EUR:
Pay to Societe Generale (SOGEFRPPADB) for credit to Account No. 30003 04970 0000 1089126 59 of Bank of India Paris SWIFT (BKIDFRPP) IBAN No. FR7630003049 700000 108912659 for credit to A/c No. 4317000661 of BKIDINBBTRY for further credit to BKIDINBBDOS for final beneficiary MUSHROOM SOFTECH PRIVATE LIMITED A/c No. 605820110000951

For direct bank to bank transfer, please use following bank details:

A/c Name: Mushroom Softech Private Limited

CC A/c #  605820110000951
Account Type: Cash Credit
Bank name: Bank Of India, I.P. Extn., Patparganj branch
New Delhi-110092, India
IFSC Code: BKID0006058


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